Batch Watermark

Batch Photo Factory has the ability to batch add watermarks to plenty of pictures easily and quickly, you can add your URL, commentaries or your company's logo to thousands of photos in a few seconds.

batch watermark batch photo watermark

Batch Watermark

To batch add watermark to the photos, click the tab which named with "Watermarks", and then click the buttons in the right to modify the list. All the watermarks in the list will be drawn on the photo, you can create and edit them or load them from a template.

There are two kinds of things:text and image can be added to the photo as a watermark. You can merge the text such as your URL or your logo picture with the photos. The picture below shows how your text has been added to the photos. First you should type them in the input control and then set the options. Add image watermark to the photo is the same as adding text. You should select the picture at first and then set the options, the options are the same for both text and image.

Text watermark

Draw Mode

  • Tile:The photos will be tile with watermark with its' original size.
    If the tile item had been selected, use the Horz Space and Vert Space to control the density, they are the vertical and horizontal space between each of item.

  • Manual:The watermark will be draw on certain corner of photos.
    image watermark
    If the draw mode is Manual, click the button list in the left to determind which conner watermark will be placed and set the XOffset and YOffset to adjust its position in this corner.

  • Auto fit
    If you choose Auto fit, the watermark will be extend automatic and fill all of the photo.

Alpha: If you want the commentaries or image be semitransparent, you should set this option.
Angle: Set the value to rotate the watermark.
Horz Flip and Vert Flip: Check this options to flip the watermark.

Save as a template: After you had done all the setting, you can click the "Save as a template" button to save the setting as a template.

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