Batch Rename Photo

Batch Photo Factory has the ability to batch rename your photos, you can rename a lots of photos in batches.

Select the output directory: This option allow you select a path in your computer to save the photos.

Output File Name

  • Use the original name.
    The output photo's file name will not be altered.

  • Keep the orginal name and add a prefix.
    The output photos's file name will be add a prefix you input.In instance, if the file name is "a01.jpg", and the prefix you had set is "Dog" , the output file name will be "Doga01.jpg"

  • Use the common base name with sequentrial numbers
    The output photos' file name will be base name + number.For example, if the base name is "Dog", all of the file name will be "dog00001.jpg" ,"dog00002.jpg","dog0003.jpg"......

Delete the original files: Whether delete the original file after processed.

If you have any question in using Batch Photo Factory,please feel free to contact us at .