Batch Photo Frame

Batch Photo Factory has the ability to batch add frame to your photos easily and quickly.

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Batch Photo Frame

To Batch add frame to your photos, click the "Frame" tabsheet in the main window, set the "Add frame to photo" to be selected, and click the frame in the list blow,all of set up is over,the frame you had selected will be add to your photos. You can see how easy it is.

There are more then 100 frame templates which included in the setup packet, and you can make more frame by yourself, you can create new, edit and delete them in the "frame" tabsheet. Batch Photo Factory offer three kinds of frames:simple frame, ornate frame and image frame.

Simple Frame

simple frame

Simple Frame allow you customize your own frame by set parameters.

Frame Width:Mark in the picture above.

Frame Height:Mark in the picture above.

Out Edge Size:the black line in the picture above which be point to with out edge,.

Bord Color:the out edge's size.

Inner edge Size:the black line in the picture above which be point to with inner edge,.

Inner edge Color:the inner edge's size.

Shape :It decide the frame's inner shape which show the photo.

Backgroud: There are tow option in this params, Color and Picture. If you choose Color, the frame's background will be full with color, if you choose picture, you must be select a picture which will be tile in the frame.

The area which marked with 2 in the picture above, you can select the frame's texture.

You can see the frame's aspect in the preview windows, when your change the frame's option, the frame's aspect will be shown immediately in this area.

After you set your all options, click the "OK" button to save your frame.

Ornate Frame

ornate frame

Ornate frame has less options, it has been built with just a picture, Batch Photo Factory will automatic rotate,merge and resize the picture to create the frame.

Frame size:It decide the frame's width and height, ornate frame's width and height has the same value. drag and drop the split to set the frame's size.

Frame Picture : The picture here will be used to build the frame, just select your picture

Image Frame

image frame

Image Frame is a little complex.It allow you make your frame from a picuture, it will split the picture into 12 pieces. We had mark all the pieces in the picture above, the piece which mark with red color will be extend when your photo's size is bigger than the frame and will shrink when your photo's size is smaller than the frame.The piece which mark with yellow color will never change its size,drag and drop the black dot to detemine each area's size. In the preview window the frame will been shown here when your change the areas' size.