Batch Photo Factory

Batch Photo Facotry
Batch Photo Factory has the ability to batch process the photos. You can batch add frames and watermarks, convert,resize and rename a great number of your photos in ease. It is a useful and easy graphics tool to prepare pictures for websites, making the photos smaller and lovelier and protecting your photos' copyrights. All of the process can be done in batches.

It's only USD$29.95.

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Make your photo unique

batch photo frame to picture Adding a lovely and prefessional frame to the photo wiil make it unique and eye-catching. More than 100 frame templates are included. You also can create and edit your own frames easily.

Protect your photos' copyrights

batch watermark Adding the URL,copyrights,comments or your logo as a watermark to your photo to prevent someone from stealing it from your website.There are two kinds of watermarks that can be added: text watermark and image watermark , both of them can be customized with angle, space,alpha,etc. It is not a complex process, you can complete all the processes in minutes.

Batch resize your images

Usually ,you should resize photos to smaller sizes for website purposes or other purposes. This process is a fussy work. The software helps you resize thousands of photos in a few seconds. It is so easy that you can do the process only by specifying the photo's size you desire.

Convert your photos' formats

Convert your photo's file format is an easy process. You can convert the photos to any of the following format: BMP , GIF , JPG , TIF , PNG. You can also set the output photos' property, such as color depth, quality,etc.